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Energy Healing


MER® “Mental and Emotional Release”

Mental and Emotional Release® is a clinically researched approach to help you release anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, guilt, limiting beliefs, and other negative emotions. The MER model has become widely known as the most effective method for creating quick, lasting change for an individual.

Imagine how different your life would be if you were free from your baggage, your limitations, and your pain?

$222 per Session


The Emotion Code

The Body contains our past emotions -

healing work creates the space for the release of what we felt long ago.


In the holistic community, the phrase “Trapped Emotions” is commonly used to describe any unconscious emotional energies which exist as a result of intense or traumatic emotional events that have not been fully processed and released from the body or mind. When emotional energy like this becomes trapped, various organs or glands in the body could possibly become victims. Because each of the seven chakras correlates with an organ in the body, when an emotion becomes trapped in a body organ, it could interfere with the flow of energy through the chakra. The negative energy of the Trapped Emotions may begin to cause disruption, physical discomfort, uneasiness, drastic emotional changes, and sadness. Thankfully, through energy healing methods like muscle testing and chakra balancing, these emotions can be identified, processed, and extinguished from the body, restoring a healthy, balanced chakra system. In my practice, I use the muscle testing modality, as a certified Emotion Code Practitioner, along with magnets to clear and release trapped emotions. I believe this is one of the first steps in our healing. Clearing trapped emotions, including those passed down for generations gives our subconscious and conscious mind the ability to then begin the healing process without the excess baggage we are carrying inside our bodies, heart and mind. When a great misery or trauma occurs, it remains with us for as long as we hold on to it. We keep this locked away in our body, and this burden and pain travels with us from our past to our present and on to our future. The trauma or misery can even be passed to our descendants long after we are gone. This is why the miracle of healing is so powerful.

The Heart Wall

A Heart-Wall® can form when the energy of one or more emotions becomes trapped around the heart. A Heart-Wall is your body’s attempt to protect your vulnerable heart. When this energetic barrier of Trapped Emotions forms, it can keep us from feeling hurtful, negative emotions as deeply. Although this can be helpful in the short term, the problem is that it inhibits our ability to feel loving, joyful, wonderful emotions as well! If you’ve ever felt like you struggled to open up to the people around you, as though something holds you back from fully connecting with others, or stops you from feeling emotions deeply, you may have a Heart-Wall.  Having a Heart-Wall can make it harder to give and receive love. You may not be able to feel positive emotions as deeply, such as happiness, gratitude, empathy, and more. It can cause feelings of loneliness, isolation, and sadness. A Heart-Wall may impact you physically as well. Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to one or more, you may have a Heart- Wall. Identifying this possibility is a great first step!

  • Have you been injured emotionally in the past?

  • Have you felt an emotional heaviness in your heart, as though your heart was breaking?

  • Do you feel as though you can’t fully experience joy or happiness?

  • Is it challenging for you to connect with others?

  • Is it hard for you to connect romantically with others?

  • Do you feel closed off to love?

  • Do you often feel lonely or isolated from those around you?

  • Do you feel heaviness or discomfort in your chest, neck, or shoulders?

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The subconscious mind does not forget, emotion code sessions reveal how emotionally-charged events from your past may still be haunting and hurting you in the form of "trapped emotions"  - emotional energies that could literally stay in your body for years.

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