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The Breakthrough Session

How does it work?



  1. We take a deep dive into your Detailed Personal History peeling back the layers of limiting beliefs, trauma, and unconscious blocks that are holding you back.  


  1. We do release work, MER®, and clear all major negative emotions: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Guilt, as well as all limiting beliefs, conflicts, and behaviors that no longer serve you so you can be fully free, ready to create any desired outcome.


  1. We will elicit your Core Values so you are living in alignment with your truth, and purpose.  


  1. Together we will set clear, inspiring, S.M.A.R.T goals that will help you stay focused, build better habits, and stay motivated to take action toward your extraordinary future.


  1. We will utilize NLP techniques such as anchoring and parts integration to resolve internal conflicts and set you up for success.


  1.  We will use hypnosis to lock in new positive internal representations, beliefs, and behaviors, and to anchor your powerful transformation.  



The Breakthrough Session is a deep, powerful, transformational experience 5-6 hour session with 2 follow up sessions within 30 days.


Are you ready to go all in?  If you are ready to create more wholeness, balance, confidence, and become aligned with your truth, creating the future you desire, the BTS is for you.

“Change can happen in an instant.  It’s thinking about change that takes a long time”

$2500 Per Breakthrough Session

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