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The Breakthrough

How does it work?


The journey begins with a two-day intensive deep dive into your unconscious mind.  Our primary focus is identifying patterns of unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you from the life you truly desire.  We were closely to dive deep and unearth the root causes of these patterns.

Once this foundation is in place, we continue the transformational journey through reprogramming your unconscious mind and fine tuning your neurology, we unlock your full potential and set you on the path to the life you genuinely want to live, and why.


Breaking Free from negative, self-limiting behaviors requires a transformational journey.  It's a challenging, but incredibly rewarding path.  By committing to this journey you can overcome the beliefs, patterns, and thoughts that have held you back in the past, opening the door to a future that is fulfilling, joyful, and full of success. 


The Breakthrough, shedding old behaviors, can significantly impact your personal and professional life, enabling you to achieve your goals with newfound awareness,  confidence, and inspiration.


  • 2-Day Intensive


  • 2 Follow-Up Sessions  


  • 12-Week Group Coaching


Take the first step, undergo the transformation, and watch as your dreams become reality. As you emerge as a more empowered version of  yourself, where you can be, do, and have the things that fulfill you.  

"Remember, it's still you, only better!"


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