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Being All-Knowing
Bright Siding
Being Right

Sometimes, the message that you intend to communicate is not always the one that others receive. People respond according to what they think you mean, based on their understanding of your words. This can cause you to think that others are not listening carefully or misunderstanding your words. Effective communication is more than just conveying what you intend, it is the ability to elicit a desired response. The responsibility lies with you, as the sender of the message, to adjust your communication so that you get the response you desire. Even if you think you have communicated the message to the best of your ability, it is the response that determines whether you have been successful in getting your message across or not.

This NLP presupposition states, “If you ask for something and don’t get it, then you did not ask the right way.” In other words, there are simple and basic things that you can learn about communication. If you are attempting to communicate something that requires a response, the response becomes a measurement to the effectiveness of your communication.

Communication Styles

The four


This 2-day workshop will give you the tools and resources you need to become a more effective communicator.

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