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My Programs are for. . .

You will. . .

Individuals ready to create positive change in their careers, relationships, family, personal growth & development, spirituality, or physical health. Everyone is unique on their journey. I will help you navigate your path and amplify your intentions. You will become empowered to live your truth and show up in all areas of your life as the best version of you.

Let go of limiting beliefs, gain clarity, direction, confidence, deeper self-understanding, and a massive boost of energy and motivation! You are going to tap into your potential and inner power easily & effortlessly making necessary changes in your life. I am here to support and help you to get there faster! That’s right. I will hold you accountable on your journey. You will find and live your truth becoming the best version of yourself.

I am ready for change


The Kickstarter: 3 Month Program

Are you ready to kickstart your goal with momentum that lasts? This 3 month program is directed and effective, healing at the root of the issue, rewiring the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for far too long. 

Included in this coaching program:

  • 6 one on one coaching sessions either virtual or in person.

  • 1 Emotion Code or MER session. 

  • 2 personalized hypnosis sessions.

  • Ongoing text and phone support.

  • Free stress & anxiety workbook

  • Free wheel of life workbook


The Alchemist: 6 Month Program

This program will help you amplify your intentions, shift your mindset, and set you up for massive success. We dissolve the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your desired expansion and life goals.

Included in this coaching program:

  • 1 Breakthrough session

  • 12 one on one sessions either virtual or in person

  • 2 personalized hypnosis sessions

  • 2 values elicitations

  • Ongoing text and phone support

  • Free stress & anxiety workbook

  • Free wheel of life workbook



I am ready to become empowered,
live my truth & align with my authentic self.

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