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Ho’Oponopono is the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness process. But it is so
much more than that. Ho’Oponopono is also about release. Releasing
pain from the past that enslaves you in the present. Releasing old
perceptions of those you love so your relationships are alive, fresh, and
non-judgmental. Even releasing those who have passed on so your grief
can shift into a new appreciation. Through consistent use of practices
like Ho’Oponopono, ancient Hawaiians were almost completely devoid of
mental and emotional diseases. They knew what modern medical
science has since verified: that holding a grudge affects you not only
emotionally but is also related to physical issues like heart disease,
compromised immune systems, and stress. This session will not only
teach you the basic Ho’Oponopono words you can repeat as often as
you need to, daily, but it is not just about the words. Through my training
with Dr. Matt, I have learned, and will teach you, how to tap into the
ENERGY of Ho’Oponopono, this is where true healing begins. I offer
sessions in person, virtually, or for groups fireside.

$111 per individual session
Contact me for group pricing and availability

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